Shanghai Unveils Three-Year Action Plan to Foster High-Quality Development of Exhibition Economy and Become an International Exhibition Hub

The Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission recently released the “Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Exhibition Economy and Building an International Exhibition City in Shanghai (2023-2025)” (Shanghai Commerce Exhibition [2023] No. 160). The plan outlines five key objectives to achieve by 2025, including continually upgrading the exhibition level, gathering market entities, highlighting industry linkages, improving the business environment, and boosting the prosperity of the exhibition economy. It also sets forth 20 work measures for achieving these objectives.

The action plan sets forth 20 work measures, aimed at:

  1. Serving the national strategy at a high level, focusing on creating a new engine for innovative development of the open economy, building high-level platforms for further opening up, and promoting high-quality coordinated regional development.
  2. Enhancing capabilities to better allocate global resources, strengthening joint exhibition investment promotion, introducing internationally renowned exhibition market entities, cultivating competitive exhibition groups, creating new advantages for exhibition venues, and promoting the refinement and strengthening of exhibition-specific brands.
  3. Optimizing layout to construct a new ecosystem for the exhibition economy, accelerating the improvement of the exhibition industry chain layout, leveraging the demonstration and leading role of Pudong’s exhibition economy, promoting the construction of the Hongqiao International Exhibition Industrial Park, and accelerating the integrated development of online and offline exhibitions.
  4. Integration and empowerment to amplify the comprehensive driving effect of the exhibition economy, promoting deep integration between exhibitions and industries, strengthening the linkage between meetings, business, tourism, culture, and sports, and releasing consumer vitality.
  5. Integrated innovation to build a high-ground business environment for the exhibition economy, strengthening institutional support, optimizing the policy support system, forming a mechanism for the introduction and training of exhibition talents, constructing an exhibition standard system, and standardizing the exhibition market.

By 2025, Shanghai aims to become an international hub for exhibitions, characterized by high-quality development of the exhibition economy.

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