Announcement on Promoting the Paperless Process for the “Mainland Customs and Hong Kong Customs Land Border Cargo Manifest”

In a pivotal move towards modernization and streamlining cross-border trade procedures, the authorities have announced significant advancements in the digitization efforts concerning the “Mainland Customs and Hong Kong Customs Land Border Cargo Manifest” (hereinafter referred to as “Cargo Manifest”). This initiative is part of the broader “streamline administration, delegate power, and improve government services” reform, aiming to facilitate economic development between Mainland China and Hong Kong and to simplify customs supervision procedures.

Objective and Tasks

The primary goal of this initiative is to implement the reform requirements, boost economic interactions between Mainland China and Hong Kong, and further simplify the customs supervision procedures. The effort is directed towards advancing the paperless operations of the “Cargo Manifest” to enhance efficiency and environmental sustainability in customs processes.

Main Content

The “Cargo Manifest” is a collaborative customs clearance project between Mainland China and Hong Kong customs. This initiative is aimed at deepening the paperless operations for the transportation tools’ entry and exit supervision in the customs domain. Under this new directive, enterprises engaged in Mainland-Hong Kong land cargo transportation, including vehicles transporting goods and empty freight vehicles, will no longer be required to submit a paper version of the “Cargo Manifest” for any customs clearance procedures. These procedures include declaration, logistics supervision, and the inspection of goods and vehicles.

However, it is crucial to note that other related matters concerning the “Cargo Manifest” will continue to be governed under the existing provisions stipulated in the “Announcement by the General Administration of Customs on the Formal Implementation of the Mainland Customs and Hong Kong Customs Land Border Cargo Manifest” (Announcement No. 42 of 2004 by the General Administration of Customs).

Scope of Application

The announcement is applicable to individuals and entities involved in the import and export processes between Mainland China and Hong Kong. This includes owners or operators of the inbound and outbound transportation vehicles, receivers and senders of imported and exported goods, or their agents, and the individuals responsible for the transmission of manifest information.

This move towards the paperless handling of the “Cargo Manifest” represents a significant step in the modernization of customs procedures, promising to streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens, and foster a more environmentally friendly approach to international trade. Stakeholders involved in the transport of goods between Mainland China and Hong Kong are encouraged to adapt to this new digital system, which is expected to facilitate smoother and more efficient customs clearance processes.

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