DAF-Flotation Machine

Eastarscm China Sourcing Agent offers top-quality DAF-Flotation Machines for efficient wastewater treatment. Our machines are suitable for various industries, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and more.

Introducing Eastarscm China Sourcing Agent DAF-Flotation Machine!

Discover the perfect solution for your wastewater treatment needs with our reliable DAF-Flotation Machine. Designed to excel in various industries, this machine offers exceptional performance and efficiency.

Applicable in a wide range of industry fields, including industrial wastewater pretreatment, sewage and water treatment plants, ecology projects, and even seawater desalination projects, the DAF-Flotation Machine proves its versatility and effectiveness.

With its compact structure and high cost performance, our DAF-Flotation Machine offers a complete set of features and advantages. Its stable performance and reliable operation ensure optimal results. The hydraulic load of 4~6m3/(m2.h) and the ability to handle suspended matter concentration up to 3000mg/L make it highly efficient.

The automatic skimming feature effortlessly removes floating residues, with solid content reaching up to 30~100g/L. Its core technologies, including micro-bubble generation, solid-liquid separation, and the one-piece box type scraper, guarantee outstanding performance.

Transportation and installation are hassle-free, and the automatic electric control cabinet provides easy operation and control.

Trust Eastarscm as your China sourcing agent for the DAF-Flotation Machine, offering reliable products and seamless procurement services. Contact us now to streamline your sourcing process and achieve optimal wastewater treatment results.

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