Center Drive Mud Scraper

Reliable China agent for sourcing center drive mud scraper with cost-effective solutions. Contact us at Eastar SCM for quality sourcing services.

Eastarscm is a reliable China sourcing agent for center drive suspended mud scrapers used in industrial and urban wastewater treatment projects. Our mud scrapers are designed for small and medium-sized sedimentation ponds, featuring a steel truss working bridge or steel concrete beam platform, easy installation and maintenance, and low operating costs. Our high-energy efficient drive device is equipped with over-torque protection and torque meter, while materials include carbon steel anti-corrosion with optional coatings, rubber lining, or FRP, as well as stainless steel. Optional features include lifting rake mechanisms, floating slag skimming devices, and V-shaped water weir plates. Trust Eastarscm for your center drive mud scraper needs.

Introducing the center drive suspended mud scraper, designed for small to medium-sized sedimentation ponds with central water inlet, peripheral water outlet, and central mud discharge. This product is ideal for industrial wastewater treatment and urban sewage treatment projects. The steel truss structure of the working bridge provides a simple, beautiful, and lightweight design, while the high-energy efficient drive device ensures low operating costs. It also features over-torque protection and can be equipped with a torque meter as required. Material options include carbon steel anti-corrosion with optional epoxy coating, rubber lining, or FRP, as well as stainless steel (SUS304 or SUS316L). Optional features include a lifting rake mechanism, floating slag skimming device, V-shaped water weir plate, and more. Trust in our reliable and easy-to-maintain center drive suspended mud scraper for your sedimentation pond needs.

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