Shovel Products

Eastarscm sources shovels that are durable, versatile and sharp. Ideal for cutting, digging, scooping and lifting. Penetrates soil effortlessly. Quality construction.

The Eastarscm Sourced Shovel, a multifunctional powerhouse tool, is your new partner for all heavy-duty gardening and construction tasks. This tool, meticulously sourced by Eastarscm, China’s leading sourcing agent, is specially designed with an array of features for your convenience and efficiency.

Durability and strength form the core of this shovel’s construction. It features a one-piece, steel shovel blade and shank, both taper-formed and heat-treated to deliver lasting resilience and unbeatable toughness. A specially designed round blade with a slip-resistant, turned step ensures safer and firmer footing during use. The ash handle, burnished and lacquered for an elegant finish, is double-riveted to the blade socket for added stability and strength.

This versatile, multi-utility shovel serves a variety of purposes including trenching, transplanting, moving compost, and many other tasks. It effortlessly cuts, scoops, digs, and lifts, even through hard soil. You can use it for cultivation, or to remove objects stuck in swamps.

With Eastarscm Shovel’s premium quality construction, you get a highly durable tool. The hardened round blade provides superior resilience, while the metal handle outlasts standard wooden handles, thereby extending the lifespan of the shovel. The design is ergonomic, ensuring that the tool feels good to hold and work with.

The shovel’s round blade is finely sharpened for effortless soil penetration. The teardrop-shaped end is designed for applying strong force, enabling swift and efficient progress through various soil types. The blade’s round curvature ensures soil won’t fall off during transfer. With the Eastarscm Sourced Shovel, you can enjoy the smoothness of digging akin to cutting through a slab of ice cream. Trust this shovel to be a dependable companion in all your gardening and construction endeavors.

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